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The Story Behind GOTO Market Launcher is a resource site for startup founders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs launching disruptive technology-oriented products and solutions. Many startups struggle and ultimately fail because of misidentified product-market fit, or lack of effective go-to-market planning and execution. GOTO Market Launcher is facilitated by Mark Donnigan, who has designed, implemented and led sales, marketing, and business development teams for a dozen startup and early growth stage companies, generating $300 million in revenues and corporate value.

This site is designed to be a vehicle for introducing best practices, critical business insights and entrepreneur focused interviews for startup founders, sales leaders, marketers, and investors.  Our strategies are equally applicable to small businesses, as to technology, software or consumer-focused hardware start-ups.

We are building a community of like-minded people who are in the trenches and looking to exchange best practices and shared experiences so together we can move our success rate beyond the 10% average.

Topics we cover include:

1- Go-to-market launch planning & strategy
2- Product-marketing fit
3- Marketing a start-up before you have an established reference
4- Selling in a start-up
5- Next generation PR and marketing strategies & SEO

Thank you for joining us!  To participate, please share interesting videos or blog posts and add your comments.  And make sure you reach out to me personally, I’d love to meet you and hear your story.

To success!

Mark Donnigan

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