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Getting to the “Why”

goto market launch planning and product market fit is crucial to succeeding in the market General

Why I launched

I have always been interested in the question “Why?” as in, “Why” do customers behave as they do, “Why” does the market behave like it does, and “Why” are both groups so predictable and rational, while at other times nonsensical?

For me, it was not enough to master the mechanics of sales and business development, I wanted more, I was searching for the “Why” in how business works and what makes one company successful in the very same market that another fails spectacularly.

So with these queries top of mind, early in my professional career development, I set out looking for answers by reading many of the most popular books on start-up growth theory, go-to-market strategy, and sales & marketing success. Plus I sought out mentors.

Practitioner or academic?

I am a doer, and I build companies, which makes me different as a blogger and startup consultant because I am not an academic. Instead, as a business practitioner, my days are spent working out the very things that you may be struggling with in the areas of marketing disruptive innovative products, or selling in an early stage market without references, how to achieve product-market fit or the best way to engineer go-to-market strategy’s.

Because I work in the dirt – and yes I am paying homage to Gary Vaynerchuk – my practical experience, combined with concepts like Geoffrey Moore’s Technology Adoption Curve and Crossing the Chasm for segmenting early markets and customer classes, gives me a unique edge in the market. This along with the opportunity’s I’ve had to observe and participate in crucial conversations between VC’s, boards, and executive leadership, coupled with a strong desire to share my knowledge, is the genesis for GOTO Market Launcher. is about the toil and the laboring in obscurity that every startup founder and executive must endure on the way to success. The question becomes how do we stack the deck in our favor, so even if we have an altruistic motive to change the world, we can do it while returning sufficient value on the capital entrusted to us?

I will give you an unfair advantage

Education is essential. I’m talking about real world hard knocks + proven strategies and frameworks that yield results. Once you get past product, financing and team deficiencies, it is well documented that the number one and two reasons a new venture fails is because the product-market fit and go-to-market strategies were not sound.

Which is why I aim to apply the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the two areas that are most critical for a start-up to succeed, go-to-market strategy and product-market fit, combined with a crowd sourced approach providing tools that will stack the deck in your favor for success. My objective is to facilitate a community of learning where we can come together from our respective positions in the market, to share experiences and accelerate the odds of our collective success.

If 90% of start-ups fail, let’s improve on that number for the GOTO Market Launcher community. How cool would it be if word got out that companies participating here are proven to have better odds of success? This is my dream, and you can be a part of it.

I welcome guest blogging and would love to interview you. If interested, email me at and introduce yourself.

Welcome to the GOTO Market Launcher family!

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