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inbound marketing and go-to-market content marketing secrets

Startup Inbound Marketing: STOP Spamming, Add Value and Engage your Readers

Digital marketers are often proud to have never completed a formal marketing class because in their mind this is what gives them an edge since traditional marketing is so 1990's, Proctor & Gamble, and Seinfeld. But it turns out these same folks may be able to use a little formal training after all since some have fallen into the trap of thinking ‘likes’ equals engagement, and a fast publishing tempo equals effectiveness. The rise of content marketing as a strategy Inbound marketing

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External Blog is a tremendous resource for startup founders, investors and small business owners alike.  It's operated by the Kauffman Foundation that was established by the late philanthropist and  entrepreneur Ewing Marion Kauffman. The vision for the foundation and is to build a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens.  Ewing Kauffman recognized as two ends of a continuum that a quality education is a foundation for self-sufficiency and that entrepreneurship is key to providing jobs and wealth for

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goto market launch planning and product market fit is crucial to succeeding in the market

Getting to the “Why”

Why I launched I have always been interested in the question “Why?” as in, "Why" do customers behave as they do, "Why" does the market behave like it does, and "Why" are both groups so predictable and rational, while at other times nonsensical? For me, it was not enough to master the mechanics of sales and business development, I wanted more, I was searching for the "Why” in how business works and what makes one company successful in the

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